Instant Insights displays data from Mention Streams in charts and diagrams, allowing for quick and easy comparison between different Mention Streams over different time periods.

From the main menu, select the Instant Insights tab and simply use the drop-down menu to select the Mention Stream you’d like to see results for. You can add up to 12 other Mention Streams to compare results and produce SOV results and Competitor Benchmark graphs.

You can generate the following Instant Insights:

  • Coverage Volume
  • Coverage Volume Breakdown
  • Themes Word Cloud
  • Geographic Spread
  • Media Impact Time
  • Share of Voice
  • Competitor Benchmark
  • Key Journalists
  • Key Sources
  • Coverage Year On Year
  • Front Page Performance
  • User Rated Sentiment

Exporting Instant Insights

Select the report icon to generate and customise a report for any Instant Insights widget. Generated reports can be accessed and downloaded in the Reports tab in the Main Menu.

Saved Insights

If you find yourself generating the same Instant Insights widgets monthly, weekly, or daily, you can now save your regular selections and access them through 'Saved Insights' as required.

Simply search and click on your desired Saved Insight and your Instant Insights page will dynamically update.

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