Enable Streem connectivity to your Microsoft Teams account
To enable Microsoft Teams integration for a Mention Stream, you will need to first enable connectivity between Microsoft Teams and your Organisation account in Streem.

  1. Open up your account page by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner of the platform and opening the Account link
  2. On the Account page, open up the Integrations menu item under Your Organisation
  3. Ensure the Microsoft Teams tab is enabled
  4. You should see an auto-generated token on this page. Copy the token and store it in another location such as Notepad, Word pad or Microsoft Word. The token is used in a later step.
  5. Click on the Enable Microsoft Teams Integration button. This will direct you to Microsoft Teams, you can open it in either Web or if you have the app installed, Desktop client.
  6. An installation dialog will appear, select the team you wish to integrate with Streem and click Install. 
  7. Click on Setup and close the dialog.
  8. Connect the Streem bot to your account by sending the connect command.
  9. The Streem bot will prompt you for the token we copied earlier. Paste this in. You can always return to the Integrations page to view the token again.
  10. You will receive a confirmation from the Streem bot that you have successfully integrate Streem with your Microsoft Team account

Enable Microsoft Teams Notifications on your Mention Stream

Once the Microsoft Teams integration has been enabled for your Streem account, you can enable Microsoft Teams Notifications on any Mention Stream.

  1. Edit any Mention Stream by clicking on the Cog in the Mention Stream
  2. Open the Notifications tab
  3. Toggle and enable Microsoft Teams Notifications
  4. Select a Microsoft Teams channel to send notifications to
  5. Optionally, fine tune the Media Types that will appear in the channel
  6. Save the Mention Stream

Remove Microsoft Teams connectivity

To remove the Microsoft Teams Integration, open up Integrations in your Account page, navigate to Microsoft Teams and click on Remove Microsoft Teams Integration. Confirm the removal. You can always re-add the integration at a later stage.

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